A downloadable game for Windows

A short physics based platformer made for the SyntaxBomb 'Its all about YOU' competition 2022.

Get Dave the Stupor Villain back to his evil lair, collect stars, use the portals and avoid the deadly traps en route.

Control is mouse only for now. Use either button to dash towards the cursor, release to charge.

I plan to expand on this post comp with more levels, Analog support and more traps,  enemies.

Feedback is very welcome.


DASHTARDLY_DAVE_20221213.zip 17 MB

Install instructions

Unzip the archive file in a location of your choosing and click on exe.

Note that you may have to disable DPI scaling for this app.


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Hello...I just started playing the game. Wow! The game is really excellent. Controlling the character with the mouse is very fun(also enjoyable). It is a very special control method. The character is very cool and lovely actually. The background music is suitable for the atmosphere as well. I really like the platform game. According to the information on SyntaxBomb, the game is the winner of the contest. Good! I have a question. Which game engine was used to develop the game? 

Cheers. It was developed using Blitz3d.

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Hello....Blitz3d is a famous BASIC language. On the other hand, my computer is a very slow computer but the game is absolutely not slow on the computer. This shows that Blitz3d is really powerful. Good software! By the way, there is a jam which you may be interested as well. You are very welcome to join. ( 1 month )