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Micro Sprint is a one switch, top-down, single screen racer. It looks like Super Sprint and plays like Scalextric, without the hassle of putting your car back on the track every 2 minutes!

  • Play with up to 8 mates for some old-school local multiplayer mayhem
  • Race at alarming speeds on 120 unlockable themed tracks
  • 8 party games and Ghost Attack mode to hon your driving skills and earn bragging rights
  • Balance your car to suit each track, with adjustable wing settings and pit strategy
  • Race in the dry, wet or worse
  • Nail the bends to get a well earned boost
  • Accessibility options for one switch menu control
  • Easy to play, difficult to master, it's all in the timing!


Buy Now£1.00 GBP or more

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Reminds me a bit of Super Off Road for the NES.


It's unreal that there are no YouTube videos for this game aside from the trailer after 6 years. So I'm going to try to raise awareness for the game by making some videos myself. Here's my very first one that I just finished:


Got a 2nd video now. I guess I'll share all the links to my videos here as I make more and more videos. This one looks at the game's Elimination mode.


Finished with my technical difficulties, so here's a 3rd video focusing on 2 party games this time.

Great vid - cheers!  Looks like there is a wee bug in the scores being displayed for 'Snowball' mode.  I'll see about getting that fixed.



Did you incorporate upgrades, level editor to this game? Thank you

I have my own level editor but it would not be worth the effort to incorporate into the game I'm afraid.   I have been building new ones regularly to play with friends so have about 200 tracks now.  I haven't added any of the new ones to the download.  Maybe at some stage in the future if there's enough interest.

Any plans for upgrades - Like super sprint? Nice work on the game btw

I've no plans to work on this game again I'm afraid.

Just downloading Van Turismo aswell. I wanted to ask if you are taking programming work?


E-mail me at stevie@steviegoodwin.plus.com.

I would love to have more tracks with this...  Shame you don't release the level editor though :(

ONJ, I just posted an updated version yesterday which includes the new Kryptonite track pack and a few other enhancements.  The game now stores the top 5 lap times.   The editor isn't user friendly I'm afraid .. maybe some day.

Well you need to get on that then ;^)  I love all your games BTW.  I need to somehow get you more buyers.  I'll think of something.

When I can make more selling indie game than I make in my day job I'll sort out the editor .... until then :)

p.s. Any exposure is very welcome and much appreciated!

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Hmm, crashes on launch for me...

Launched from itch.io launcher, windows 10 64 bit

Have you tried just downloading and running without the launcher?

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Anyone remembering Slot car racing from their youth will instantly recognize the simplicity of pushing down on a button to watch a car race down a track.
Microsprint is that, combined with the top-down view and tracks reminiscent of Super Sprint (from Atari) and similar games, just much more refined and greater variety.
On top of an already great A.I. - there is also the option to play with up to 7 other people on one computer/screen - and due to the zoomed out nature of the tracks, there is never any issue of keeping track of your car.
The fast-paced gameplay and arcade-y roots makes this game quick to pick up, easy to learn and it doesn't 'get boring', in the sense that many other racing-games tend to.
A race doesn't have to take more than a minute, or two - and you can always just put it down and go do something else, without the sensation that you have 'lost' any time, nor does it ever feel as if though you've been 'cheated' by your opponents.

Between each race you get to customize your car's wing-angle (top-speed/ability to take corners) and how many pit-stops (if any) needed be done during that race, apart from that, it's all about learning how to maneuver using just that one button on your controller.
It may seem simple at first, but there is a great layer of strategy bundled into this game and since there's a scoreboard keeping track of your (or your peers) records, there's always that feeling that you can shave off a couple of milli-seconds on each track, always trying to outbest yourself (and/or your peers)
The graphics and sound-design are simple, yet very pleasing and never distracts you from the experience, but rather everything falls seamlessly together in a non-intrusive audio-visual experience that doesn't require any more than what is presented to you.

This is a game suitable, literally for all ages and kinds of people, 'gamers' or not and it is an experience that will last you a long time