A downloadable game for Windows

A de-make of the old arcade favourite Super-Sprint for 1 or 2 players. 

My entry for the 'Syntax Bomb' Retro Game competition 2017/18.  320x200 res and 16 colours.

  • Win the races to progress
  • Collect 3 wrenches to upgrade your speed, acceleration or tires
  • Pick up money for bonus points
  • Pick up nitro for short speed boost
  • Avoid the hazzards - water / oil / mud / cones and bollards
  • Jump the ramps and take the shortcuts
  • Race on 16 tracks
  • Try to beat your top score.

See READ ME for more information.

Changes in V1.1 :

4 new tracks.  
Some reordering of the tracks and a few amendments to a couple of older tracks.  
Ramps which can be jumped - if not properly aligned or going too slow the game will help you out a little. 
Gates which can be driven though for a shortcut.   
The AI now adjusts to your skill and properly races with different race lines.  
The AI will start harder and adjust more if you select the harder starting tracks.
Slight modification to the shadow routines so some tracks now have 18 colours.

Changed in V1.2:

4 new tracks giving a total of 20.
Flipped versions (reflected on x axis) of normal / reverse track direction can now be selected in the Options menu.  See NORMAL X and REVERSE X.  
This gives a total of 80 tracks for more variety.
Minor reordering of some tracks, you now start on tracks 1,3,5, .. 15 rather than 1,2,3, .. 8.  This allows you to race the new tracks without winning 9 races first.
Movement can be changed to Per Pixel in the Options menu.  This is on by default and makes movement much smoother in higher resolutions.  
Scores now flash if you've reached the leaderboard.

Install instructions

Double click on the file and unzip in your desired location.   Takes around 26mb disk space.

*IMPORTANT*  - the game will not run via the Itch app!!



Development log


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Good job! fun.

And l have Windows 10 pro

It's fun game!

l can play it and it's cool for 2 players!!!


Hiya.  The game crashes upon loading for me.  I double-click the icon, the screen goes black for a few seconds and then it crashes out with a "Memory Access Violation" error.

I'm on Windows 10 Pro x64 with a GTX 1080ti and i7 4770k with 8 gig RAM.  All drivers are up to date.

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Are you using the itch app?  I don't think it works on that.

It may be something to do with the default screen res - which is 1280x800 if your system allows.  Can you try editing the Data/Options file and changing the FULLSCREEN flag to either 0 (scale-able window) or 2 (normal window).  If an ini file wasn't created let me know via stevie@steviegoodwin.plus.com and I'll send you one to try.



Thanks for replying so quickly.  I'm not loading it through the itch app.  No Options ini has been generated.  I'll just drop you a mail. :)

@stevie 6 thanks for your answer.

To me it's working

(You must wait for a few minutes to load.

Otherwise open the link (had writen from stevie 6):


I had luck with turning off gsync in the nvidia drivers. Sometimes turning it down to 60hz fixes games too.

Is there support for xbox one controllers in Windows?

Yes. It's a Windows only game and it should work with any controller.  Never got around to including joypad configuration but you can change the accelerate and pause buttons by editing the following fields in the "Data/Options.ini" file .. 

Turning will be with the d-pad or left analog.



Version 1.2 now available for download.

Version 1.1 now available for download.  Feedback welcome.

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yet another quality title; any chance of further expanding upon this [engine], or similar iterations? (I'm thinking Skidmarks/ATR: All Terrain Racing/Supercars 2 'esque-type of racing-titles?)

either which way, your racing-games are the best out there on the market, if you ask me - and I'm as excited every time I boot up any of 'em - not just for the sense of nostalgia; but because these are fun games to play, for however long time I may have to spare at the moment.

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Thanks man.

It was done for a competition.   It won :)

I have been adding some things to it as I didn't have time to add them before the deadline and always like to complete my original vision. Ramps to jump and gates which open and close for short-cuts have now been added to some tracks.  The biggest improvement is with the AI - it now gives you a better race and adapts to your own performance.  I've also added 4 more tracks.  

Some screenshots ..

Hopefully have a new upload over the weekend.  I don't plan on expanding it any further but might do this type of game again in the future.

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Looks sweet!
Glad to hear that you won a competition with this entry - it truly is a shining example of top-down racing done *right*
Looking forward to the new A.I. and tracks! I hope that you keep making games; you have some of the best audiovisual design game-wise, currently out there (in my opinion), coupled with a fundamental understanding of game-mechanics and level-design, (from what I've experienced so far in Microsprint, Polymaniacs and now Van Tourisimo) and it just makes me happy, every time I boot up and play one of your games.

Your money is in the post ;)


Wonderful! the ramps and the gates adds 'that little extra' to the entire experience - and the AI is competent enough that this has a high replay value. Congratulations on another successful release. =)


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Final version uploaded which includes some minor changes:

  • Starting Difficulty based on starting track.  Try the 'Hardest' tracks for more of a challenge.
  • Start position on grid is the reverse order of the last race.
  • Quitting mid race still saves your score.
  • Track markings to show direction for crossroads.
  • Quicker starting beeps.