A downloadable game for Windows

A Retro, arcade single screen puzzle/platform/shooter.  

My entry for the latest SyntaxBomb competition -  7th Feb 2021 - 18 April 2021

There's been reports of sinister, virus related, events at a secret underground lab.  The Gang have been called in to investigate and clean up the mess.

Choose between Hawk, Jax, MJ and Dave to take on the lab defences and monsters,  collect evidence and save any innocents you find on your travels.  

Can be played local co-op but requires at least one Joypad.

Feedback, video play throughs and bug reports all very welcome!



Install instructions

Unzip the folder and click the exe.

Development log


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also how do you get past the green pit on level 8 ? 

The green pit is a red herring, you'll never make the jump. Get the green keycard from the right side.

this is very hard - how do you land on the aqua platform on level 6 ? it seems impossible

Its meant to be hard. There's a gray platform just to the right of the mined area. Jump/Drop down from there, holding left.


Really like this game personally.  Reminds me of a mix of Impossible Mission on C64 with BroForce

Anyways, great work as usual.